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Teak & marine

burma teak

Solid wood


When talking about wood products for exterior use, teak is used as a synonym for highly weather-resistant wood. However, there are a number of other wood species (mainly exotic species) that are just as weather-resistant but differ from true teak in colour, hardness, stability and, most importantly, shrinkage.

Although true teak – Tectona grandis – grows in other regions of South and South-East Asia (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma) as well, the best teak, without a doubt, comes from Burma. Burmese teak is thus nowadays used as a synonym for high-quality teak suitable for marine use.

Teak is yellowish-brown or golden-yellow in colour. It develops a typical silvery-grey patina in the sun that helps protects the wood from the weather conditions.

Teak is pleasant, soft and velvety to the touch, yet extremely tough. The wood can damage tools due to its high silica content. Its high oil content means that the wood requires additional preparation before glueing. Due to its structure, narrow rings and chemical composition, teak is highly resistant to mould and fungus.

Its extremely low shrinkage rate makes it perfect for regions with quickly alternating dry and wet periods. Since it is also easy to work, it is mostly used for furniture and construction and is a top choice for boat decking.

Fast-growing plantation teak is also very wide-spread – this type of teak is mainly used for indoor furniture, as its wide rings make it significantly less weather-resistant.

Solid teak wood is usually available in the following standard sizes:
thickness: 26, 52 or 65 mm or other thicknesses by special order,
width: 105, 130 or 155 mm or wider,
length: 1250 to 1700 mm and 1850 mm.
Teak is also sold in boules, which are mostly used for longer boards, such as those used for sailing boat deckings.
Janka hardness: 1000
burma teakburma teakburma teakburma teak
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