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The largest Slovenian importer of exotic wood, more then 50.000 m2 of stock!


Take a look at how beautiful our wood terraces look once installed. We use only top-quality wood for our terraces, paying attention to every detail to make sure your wood terrace is absolutely perfect.

Hundreds of clients have happily sent us pictures of the terraces they built using our wood. Take a look at some terraces built using different types of wood:
Cumaru wood terraces
Ipe (lapacho) wood terraces
Siberian larch wood terraces
Massaranduba wood terraces
Teak wood terraces

A wood terrace will bring life to your house. Contact us and we will gladly give you free advice to help you find the best solution.
Terrace from exotic wood - Robi
+386 (0)31 558 246 //
Sawn timber, furniture - Peter
+386 (0)41 574 054 //
Terraces - Siberian Larch - Črt
+386 (0)40 859 910 //
Call us and our experts will help you and answer any questions!
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