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Our company was established in 1999. We are mainly engaged in purchasing, selling, assembling and processing wood. Click here for our contact details and company information.

The largest Slovenian importer of exotic wood
We are the largest Slovenian importer of exotic wood, which we mainly sell through our warehouses (Kozina, Split, Zagreb, Belgrade) and our partners (Russia, Austria, etc.).

We import most of our wood from Brazil (mainly for outdoor decking and façades), Myanmar (Burmese teak), Russia (Siberian larch) and Croatia (Slavonic oak, birch, ash).

We also sell abroad
We sell wood in Slovenia, Denmark, France, Russia, Austria, Argentina, England, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries around the globe. We produce wood outdoor decking and façades, outdoor and indoor furniture, parquet flooring, sawn timber and various intermediate products. In collaboration with our partners, we provide a flexible and responsive service, always striving for complete customer satisfaction.
Terrace from exotic wood - Robi
+386 (0)31 558 246 //
Sawn timber, furniture - Peter
+386 (0)41 574 054 //
Terraces - Siberian Larch - Črt
+386 (0)40 859 910 //
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