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Siberian larch – Larix sibirica

Due to the short growing season in Russia, Siberian larch grows extremely slowly (10–20 rings per cm). This makes the wood very durable and moisture-resistant. Since it does not need any additional protection, it is mainly used for outdoor structures exposed to harsh weather conditions. As the resin is distributed more evenly compared to Slovenian larch, there is rarely any leakage.

Siberian larch falls within durability class 2 or 3 (20 years).

Specific density: 535–670 kg/m3
Janka hardness: 1100
Sib mac žagan les 32x150x4000 mm I-IV, 3Sib macžagan les 32x150x400 mm I-IV, 2Sib mac žagan les 32x150x4000 mm, I-IVSib mac žagan les 32x150x4000 mm I-IV, 1
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