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Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch wood terraces and façades

Siberian Larch is a highly versatile wood. It is mostly used for wood decking and façades, fences, pergolas, canopies, floorboards and parquet flooring. It is also used for utility poles and railway sleepers. Siberian Larch was also used for the sleepers on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway.

Siberian Larch is also known as Russian Larch, and its Latin name is Larix Sibirica.
The excellent characteristics of Siberian Larch are due to the fact that it grows very slowly because of the extremely harsh weather conditions. These extreme conditions result in a very dense, heavy wood with a high resin content. Its density gives it excellent stability and its high resin content protects it from pests and rot.
The best Siberian Larch grows in the Siberian taiga (Krasnoyarsk), where the weather conditions only allow it to grow for a few months each year. All our Siberian Larch is imported from that region.

Although the Siberian Larch is related to the European Larch, also known as the Common Larch, the two species differ considerably. European Larch grows under entirely different weather conditions, which is noticeable in the wood itself. It grows much faster, the rings are much wider and more uneven, and the wood is filled with resin (or pitch) pockets. European Larch is also more knotty, forming large knots that tend to fall out, less stable, and prone to leaking resin. We recommend Siberian Larch for your wood terrace.

We can supply you with deck boards for terrace decking, either ribbed or smooth, structural wood for framing, pergolas or fences, façade cladding (diamond-shaped, rectangular, or tongue and groove boards), and indoor flooring.
Our most popular product is 24 × 145 × 4000-mm AB-grade ribbed terrace decking. We also provide all the required fixing materials and oil for outdoor use.
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