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Cumaru is a very hard and durable wood species from Brazil. It has a reddish- to pink-brown colour and is 120% denser than oak. Over time, it develops an even light-brown colour and weathers to an even grey patina when exposed. Cumaru wood is also highly fire-resistant, making it suitable for apartment buildings and public areas.

Cumaru, also known as Brazilian or golden teak, is a naturally durable Brazilian wood species with a density similar to that of Ipe. Its even golden-brown colour and affordable price make it an excellent alternative to more expensive hardwoods such as teak or Ipe. Cumaru is resistant to rot and decay, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications such as flooring or wood terrace decking. Not only is the wood very durable, it also has the beauty of an interior hardwood. Cumaru has a warm and attractive colour. It ages with elegance and boasts a very long life span.

Cumaru grows in Central and South America, reaching a height of up to 55 m and a diameter of up to 170 cm. Cumaru wood has a life span of over 35 years without maintenance, even in direct ground contact.

We can help you with everything you need for your Cumaru wood terrace, including installation advice, fixing materials and maintenance. Our team of experts will gladly give you advice on how to install your terrace, or will even install it for you. Since it is a natural product, the wood needs to be installed properly to ensure adequate spacing, drainage and air circulation for your Cumaru terrace. Your Cumaru terrace will last a very long time. We have been laying Cumaru decking for over ten years now and are still impressed time and again by the quality of the wood, as the decking is exceptionally stable when installed correctly.
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