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The largest Slovenian importer of exotic wood, over 50.000 m2 of stock!

Burmese Teak

Burmese Teak is one of the most highly valued hardwoods in the world. Teak exudes a rare beauty that is reflected in its golden-brown lustre and decorative structure, which is what makes it so popular.
Teak is a highly versatile wood that is great for doors, window frames, exterior and interior furniture, and beautiful wood terraces that are always a very special sight to behold. Teak flooring brightens and adds value to every room. Burmese Teak is perfect for the more demanding customer who wants to bring some elegance and warmth into their home. 
A major advantage of teak is that it does not bend, break or become brittle, since it is one of the rare types of wood whose high natural oil content makes them impervious to water.

Teak does not warp, break or blacken, even when in direct contact with metals. Another very important characteristic of teak is its durability in all weather conditions. Teak exterior decking and furniture does not require painting or varnishing. It is highly resistant to snow, rain and sun. Its extremely low shrinkage rate makes it perfect for regions with rapidly alternating dry and wet periods. Burmese Teak is mostly used for furniture, outdoor structures, ship decking, and so on. It is also great for bathroom floors, wood terraces and wood façades. Teak decking is most often used for marine applications.

ABC NET imports first-grade natural Burmese Teak that does not chip or splinter and has a life span of up to 50 years. Our Burmese Teak trees are grown for at least 30 years before harvesting to let them accumulate oil.
Fast-growing plantation teak is also very wide-spread – this type of teak is mainly used for indoor furniture, since its wide rings make it significantly less weather-resistant.

ABC NET has 15 years of experience selling and installing wood and will gladly help you choose the best wood for your wood decking, bathroom or façade.

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